Electric Rebar Cutter

As one of the most well-known rebar processing equipment manufacturers in China, our Ellsen Machinery supplies a wide range of electric rebar cutter. This kind of rebar cutter is broadly applied in construction industry. Its main function is to cut off steel bars, tmt bars, reinforcement bars etc. As we can see, the electric bar cutter belongs to the portable machines. So it is mainly used for processing various small size rebar. Because of its small size and light weight, except the ordinary construction projects, the electric steel cutter is very suitable for the high altitude construction site for some uneasy projects. It is flexible to use and convenient to carry. The electric rebar cutters will be your best choice.

RC16 electric rebar cutter

Electric rebar cutter
RC16 electric rebar cutter

Voltage: 220v/110v
Wattage: 850w/900w
Max cutting rebar: 4-16mm
Cutting speed: 2.5-3s
Machine weight: 8kg
Gross weight: 13kg
Machine size: 460x270x115mm
Carton size: 510x230x150mm
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RC20 electric bar cutter

Electric bar cutter
RC20 electric bar cutter

Voltage: 220v/110v
Wattage: 950w/1350w
Max cutting rebar: 4-20mm
Cutting speed: 2.5-3s
Machine weight: 13kg
Gross weight: 18.3kg
Machine size: 410x115x220mm
Carton size: 480x195x280mm
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RC25 electric rebar cutters

Electric rebar cutters
RC25 electric rebar cutters

Voltage: 220v/110v
Wattage: 1600w/1700w
Max cutting rebar: 4-25mm
Cutting speed: 5s
Machine weight: 24.5kg
Gross weight: 32kg
Machine size: 480x150x255mm
Carton size: 565x230x345mm
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Features of Ellsen electric rebar cutter

1. Stable performance to allow the cuter in a better condition.
2. Available cutting speed to improve efficiency.
3. Low noise to leave the workers a better work condition.
4. Durable blades to improve cutting efficiency.
5. Four wheels for convenient to move.
6. High cutting precision to guarantee the process.

electric steel cutter
Electric steel cutter

Key advantages of electric steel bar cutter

First, the electric rebar cutter improve the safety factor. The cutting work maybe dangerous if you use the wrong way to cut. You need to handle the sparks or flames produced by the steel bar. An electric rebar cutter and bender can resolve your problem easily. This cutter machine offers a far safer work environment without producing sparks of flames.

Second, our electric hydraulic rebar cutter is in fast cutting speed. Using an electric cutting machine can make the cuts quickly. In most instances, this kind of machine can cut off the rebar in just a few seconds. The high cutting speed helps to speed up production process and improve the productivity, and then boost your profits.

Third, using an electric rebar cutter can cut the rebar accurately. Without jagged edges of misshapen parts, every cut is clean. So this benefit can guarantee the rebar in good usage.

Fourth, the electric rod cutter need less manual labor. When you use an electric rebar cutter, the process is simplified and the cutting work is reduced. This advantage can help you to save money and time on the production.

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