Ellsen Cutting Machine

As one main rebar processing machine, the Ellsen cutting machine is designed to make short work of cut through regular carbon round bars, hot rolled steel bars, reinforcement or flat steel as well as square steel bars in a certain wide range. Widely demanded in construction market, this bar cutting machine become a crucial tool in such construction projects like tunnel, bridge and house construction. The Ellsen cutting machine not only reduces labor costs but also speeds up production process. So this kind of steel cutting machine helps the operator to complete the cutting work more easily.

Hydraulic rebar cutter

Hydraulic Rebar Cutter

Fabricated as a high-accurate hydraulic cutting tool, the hydraulic rebar cutter is mainly designed for cutting off steel bars, round ...
Electric bar cutter

Electric Rebar Cutter

As one of the most well-known rebar processing equipment manufacturers in China, our Ellsen Machinery supplies a wide range of ...
Steel cutting machine

Steel Cutting Machine

Ellsen steel cutting machine is designed for cutting off steel bars in various construction projects, which is one of the ...
Cutting machine for steel bar

Steel Bar Cutting Machine

Steel bar cutting machine is one essential equipment in construction projects. It is available for cutting carbon steel bars, tmt ...
Steel rod cutter machine

Rod Cutting Machine

As one of the rebar processing equipment, the rod cutting machine play an important role in the construction market. This ...
Rebar cutter machine

Rebar Cutting Machine

Manufactured and supplied as one of the most useful rebar processing equipment, our Ellsen rebar cutting machine is mainly used ...
Bar cutting machine

Bar Cutting Machine

As one of the main bar processing machines, the bar cutting machine is designed to make short work of cut ...

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